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Save-The-Dates, Invitations, & Thank-You’s

Save-The-Dates, Invitations, & Thank-You’s

oh my!

When it comes to planning a wedding, many questions can arise around these hot topics.

What’s the difference between save-the-dates and invitations?  Do I really need to send a thank you after such a great party?  Where do I put my registry info?  When should I send each of these?

Great Questions, let’s get started!


Save the Dates are designed to give people the heads up that they will be invited to your wedding when it comes time to send the invites.

  • Try to send your save-the-dates about 6-9 months before the wedding. If the location requires travel, you’re guests will want time to make plans.  But, much sooner than this might give them too much time (to put it off).
  • Only send these to the people you know you’ll be inviting to the wedding, to avoid any confusion later.  (For general announcements of your engagement, use social media.)
  • While this isn’t the formal invite, do write the individual names on the address of who is invited to paint the clear picture.
  • Save-the-Dates are not the time to talk about where you are registered, that should be later with the invites.

Typically, a save the date can be a less formal than the official invitation, and we’ve found so many that are unique, charming, and even humorous.


Invitations are the formal moment to ask for the RSVP, and will include more need-to-know information about where/what time.

  • Invites should go out about 3-4 months before the wedding, depending on different factors (destination wedding?  mailing to another country?)
  • Don’t worry about capturing every detail of your wedding in the look of one invitation.
  • Make sure you have several people proof-read it.
  • Don’t give your guests too much time to respond. “I have plenty of time” doesn’t lead to helpful outcomes for anyone.
  • Make sure to weigh an invite to see how much postage it will require before you drop them all in the box.


There are so many styles and designs for invitations, from formal to whimsical, here are a few we found in our Treasure Box from previous couples.



Thank-You’s are still appropriate, appreciated, and deserved.  And they are only complicated if you let them become so.

  • Easy formula: greeting, reason, why you’re grateful, how you’ll use the gift, follow up, closing.
    • Translation: Dear… thank you for… appreciate it…. will use it to…. see you soon…. love….
  • The Knot has a guest list manager that can help you keep track of your addresses and what has been sent to whom.
  • Start as early as possible.  Get a gift in the mail two weeks before the wedding?  Go ahead and write the thank-you right now, and send it later.
  • Stock up on extra cards- there is nothing that will slow you down more than having to run to Target.
  • Have a station setup in your house specifically for writing thank-you’s, and don’t take it down until you’re done.
  • Unique ideas: Here are some non-pen&paper ideas:
    • Postography- snap a picture, type a message, and there’s a postcard in their mailbox.
    • Digital greeting cards
    • Magnets!
    • Youtube video
    • Do something with them/for them, like dinner or yard work.



Go to our Pinterest board to see some awesome ideas!



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