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Benefits of Assigning Tables at Your Wedding

Assigning guests to tables can feel like a nearly impossible feat.

It can also feel a little bossy, right?  Or perhaps you’re worried it will feel too formal.

But from a guests’ perspective, it’s actually quite nice to know there is a designated spot for them come dinner time.

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Here’s why:

They won’t have to spend all social trying to match up with certain people, or politely decline others invitations to sit with them.  Your guests can focus on catching up with others and enjoying themselves.

When tables are assigned for them, there’s no mad-dash to the doors or elbow jabbing to get the right spot.  There’s also no chair-tipping, napkin draping or laying out coats over chairs.

If you allow for random seating, what at first feels like freedom can actual become a little messy.  Not everybody attending will be in neat, even-numbered pairs, which can get awkward when you’ve got a family of five, but each open space left is for four or fewer…

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Now that you’re pretty sure you should assign tables, let’s dive into how easy it actual is.

Once you start looking at your guest list, it’s really not that random to begin grouping people together.  Put families together, put your college friends together, lay it out and it will start to flow.

You can begin grouping your guests even before you have the final table numbers.  In fact, you should avoid assigning numbers to those groups until later when you have the floorplan, as table #1 doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most important and closest to the head table.

Don’t go it alone.  You may have some excellent resources at your finger tips to help group those folks you don’t have as good a pulse on.  Ask the moms and dads available to help.

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Then, once you get that final floorplan with the table numbers, here are some things to keep in mind:

It’s easy for a room to become “my side, your side”, so if that’s not the feeling you’re going for, be purposeful to mix people up.

Remember to put the immediate family members closer to the tables.

Ask the venue if any tables will be removed for the dance- it’s best to fill these tables with people who won’t necessarily miss their table, like the younger friend crowd, or perhaps the teenagers who can’t sit still anyway.

For those outside of the immediate family, don’t feel badly that they are farther away.  Somebody has to be the farthest from the head table.  And you know what?  Your guests don’t care about that as much as you might think, they are just thrilled to be there and help you celebrate!

And Finally…

The display!

If you’re offering one meal for everybody, all you really need is a sign.  This could be a nice printed list in a pretty frame that is organized by table number.  Or, it could be a big board with names listed alphabetically and corresponding table number to follow.

If you’re offering multiple choice, you’ll likely need to create cards (or something to set in front of them at the table) for each guest that clearly demonstrate which meal they’ve chosen (often different colors works best).  You can have both their name and table number on this item, and display it the way you like best!

Check out our Pinterest Board- Placecards & Table Numbers for more inspiration!

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Now, you’ve done it!  Your guests are going to have a blast celebrating with you!


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