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Have Your Minimony at Greysolon!

Most of the time people ask us if we can accommodate their 300+ person weddings.  But now, people are asking if we can do minimonies- and the answer is YES!

Yes, we do 12 person weddings!

Yes, it’s awesome!

Yes, we can tell you more about it!


Do the times have you considering a micro wedding?  We can do that!

While couples are making decisions about when to have their big day, our conversations focus on values.  Do you place more value on officially being married?  Or perhaps you place more value on celebrating with as many people as possible?  Or maybe you really just want both!  There is no one right answer for everyone, but there is a right answer for each one, and once you know where your values land, we can help you with the rest.

Even if you wanted to have your mini-wedding cake now and then eat your extended and all-encompassing party cake later, we’ve got you covered here at Greysolon.  You can be here twice- that’s okay.  And in fact, it’s kinda the dream for couples to get to come back again!

So let’s talk about the first part- the Minimony.

Minimonies are about 10-20 people, or fewer.  They are about 2-3 hours long, and can occur any day of the week, including Monday-Thursday.


Here’s how it could look for you to have your minimony at Greysolon:

First, have your intimate ceremony in our elegant, bright & beautiful Suite, overlooking Lake Superior.

85mm Photography

Mattea Rose PHotography

NIna Francine Photography

Kiley Marissa Photography

Kiley Marissa Photography

Three Irish Grils


Next, pause for a moment on your way through the majestic Ballroom.  Celebrate with your first dance under the illuminated chandelier, with your nearest and dearest all around you.

85mm Photography

85mm Photography


Mattea Rose Photography


Mattea Rose Photography


Then, head on over to the West Wing Lounge to give cheers to your marriage!

Perhaps you start everyone with a glass of champagne!  Clink!

Sternberg Studios Photography


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Al & Lyndsey Photography


And then, host your guests to an elegant dinner party in The Quarters, surrounding the stately mahogany table.

This is the time to really turn up the notch.  Go all out for these VIP’s!

“Yes, we will take the lobster, thank you.  Yes, we will have the staff-poured wine pass, what a lovely idea.  Yes, we will absolutely have dessert!”

Penny Photographics

85mm Photography

Sternberg Studios

85mm Photography

85mm Photography

And because of the shortened time frame, you still have time to sneak away for amazing photos.

Outside, overlooking Lake Superior, with the Duluth Lift Bridge…

Emenee Studios

Kiley Marissa Photography

Beau Petersen Photography

Along an Inland Sea Photography

Kate Becker Photography

Render Photography

Amy Mae Photography

Kirsten Barbara Photography

Sometimes you have to get creative.  And sometimes that way is even better than you had ever imagined!

Check out this blog from our friends at Function Central for ideas on a budget-friendly micro wedding.


Give us a call or shoot us an email, we can help!




*Featured Image by Gilded Sparrow Photography