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6 Questions to ask your Wedding Venue Before Booking. (And the Answers You Want to Hear!)

When deciding on a venue for your wedding, you want to feel incredibly confident before you sign that contract.  We at Greysolon want you to feel confident, too.  Here are 6 questions you should ask your venue before you sign, along with the answers you’re hoping to hear!


Question #1: Is there a spot for us to get ready on site?

The answer you want to hear is “yes!”.

At Greysolon, both of our event rooms come with getting ready space.  We find that typically ladies like a space to apply their makeup and style their hair, as well as enjoy snacks, mimosas, and get dressed.  We also find that gentlemen don’t use as much time to get ready, but do like a spot to gather during the day, play cribbage, enjoy a pale of ale, and straighten their ties.

On the Ballroom level, you’ll find The Suite and The Quarters both tucked away and convenient for wedding party access.  They make for a great gathering spot, and both have views of Lake Superior!

The Moorish Room comes with The Chambers as the charming and secluded spot to hang your attire and and share marriage advice.  With the Moorish Room, there is also the possibility to utilize the VIP room that day for those iconic getting ready shots.

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Question #2: What’s Included with the Room Rental?

The answer you want to hear is, “so much more than just the magnificent room!”.

At Greysolon, the room rental gets you the space from 10am until 6 hours past your guest arrival (be it ceremony or social time).  It also gets you tables, chairs, linens, places settings, and both an opening and closing event manager, as well as staffing, setup and tear down of all Greysolon elements.  Oh yes, and a cash bar with bartenders, cocktailers, and glassware! In other words, so much more than just the magnificent room!

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Question #3: Do you have onsite catering, or do we need to provide that?

The answer you want to hear is, “yes, all the food is made right here through us!”.

At Greysolon by Black Woods, we make delicious food.  We ought to, since we’re part of the Duluth locally owned and operated Black Woods Group.  We’re also passionate about the food being hot, fresh, and served to you quickly!

Bonus Question-Can we customize?  Yes we can!

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Question #4: Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

The answer you want to hear is, “yes, of course!”.

Hardly a wedding goes by without a few gluten free, vegan or other special dietary needs, and you wouldn’t want to leave anybody out.  At Greysolon, we’ve never had a dietary need we couldn’t accommodate, and they’re delicious!  We do our best to make them as similar to the regular meal as possible.  If you’re having a buffet, we’ll still plate these meals and deliver them to the table to keep it extra safe and special.

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Question #5: I’m planning from out of town, do you have area vendors you could point me towards?

The answer you want to hear is, “Yes! So many!”.

At Greysolon, we love our vendor relationships!  We’ve gotten to know each other over the years of working weddings, attending bridal expo’s, and forming our very own “Twin Shores Wedding Association” so that we can keep up to date and keep hanging out.  There is a really good vibe going on here in Duluth, and we understand that every client is unique and looking for something different.  So yes, we’ll give you a list to check out!  Make sure you check out their reviews and talk to them voice to voice to make sure you dig them as much as they dig you!

Question #6: Is there enough lodging in the area?

The answer you want to hear is, “Yes!”.  Duluth has several wonderful hotels to offer, all with different feels for your different guests.  If you’ve booked your wedding at Greysolon, the Sheraton is 60 footsteps away (and even fewer steps if you’re taller than 5’2’’).  There are so many areas to Duluth- Downtown, Canal Park, Park Point, Lincoln Park, Hermantown, the North Shore and others, each guest is sure to find something that suits them to help turn your wedding into their get-away vacation.

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Now that you know the answer to these questions, have you thought of some more to ask?  Contact us today!



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