Meet the Team

Jax Eisenmann

Director of Sales

Jax Eisenmann is a proud Duluthian, born and raised. Although she has been with the Black Woods Group since its inception in 1994, it was not always in events. She spent much of her time doing service coordinating throughout the company, particularly at Black Woods on the Lake. In 1998, she moved to the Events Center in Proctor, where she was able to work alongside her sister, Julie. Together, they ran banquets and events and further developed what it meant to provide “WOW service” to guests. Later, she was hired at the Greysolon Ballroom and now serves as the Sales Director. She describes the beginning of her career as having “caught the bug and never left.”

Jax exudes passion; for her job, for the guests, and for everyone around her. She can connect with each couple and bring the details of their story to life. She is the kind of person you can talk to for a moment and leave feeling as if you have known her forever. Her poise, dedication, and commitment are what make her the pillar of our team at Greysolon. She is an inspiration to us all, both guests and staff alike.

Jax is also passionate about her family and spending time with loved ones. They enjoy traveling to National Parks and relaxing at the cabin.

Korah Johansen

Sales & Events Director

Korah Johansen came to Duluth from Minong, Wisconsin – just on the other side of the ‘pond.’  She has been in the service industry for most of her life, beginning as an ice cream scooper in the summer months when she was just 15 years old. Although she has retired her scooper, her personality has always been just as sweet as the ice cream she served. Korah is kind, detail orientated, and oftentimes, the joke-maker in the group.  She is always excited to try new things, both in her personal life and when it comes to planning events!

Korah found Black Woods Group when she and her husband were looking for a forever home in Duluth. She started as an Operations Manager and then worked her way up into the Greysolon Sales Team. She has molded into our team seamlessly, offering fresh ideas and a new outlook on the way we do things. She challenges us to keep evolving and provides a unique perspective from her years on the operation side of events. She is helpful and always strides to put the needs of our couples above anything else!

Kalysta Leschishin

Sales & Events Director

Kalysta Leschishin fell in love with Duluth when she moved here to attend college at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.  During that time, she joined the Black Woods Group as a server at our sister restaurant, Black Woods on the Lake. There, she met her now husband, Ryan, who was also an employee at the time.  Then, in 2008, when the Black Woods Group took over the operations of Historic Greysolon, Kalysta knew she wanted to be a part of it.  She had a discussion with our late-founder, Bryan Flaherty, and Julie Thoreson, and one very important cup of coffee later, Kalysta was officially on the journey to live out her dream of becoming an event coordinator.

Since then, Kalysta has helped hundreds of couples during one of the most exciting times of their lives.  She loves creating an experience that they will never forget; each one unique as to showcase the individuality of that couple.  Greysolon holds a special place in her heart as her and her husband were married in The Ballroom just a few years ago! Now, they cherish the love of their two beautiful children – Charlie and Ella – who keep each day busy and exciting.

David Oliver

General Manager of Operations

During our Moorish Room 10 Year Anniversary celebration, we challenged our guests to find the hidden gem of our magnificent venue. One guest posted on Instagram and was convinced she knew the answer to our scavenger hunt activity: David Oliver. We couldn’t agree more!

David, a Duluth local, began working with our team in 2014 as a houseman. It was a rather physical job; transporting equipment, moving tables, and setting up/taking down the bones of our space, but David’s smile, positive attitude, and helpful nature remained consistent, through even the longest of days. He continued to take on new tasks and responsibilities – helping the setting team perfect our tables and décor, serving and cocktailing during events, tending the bar, and training our team. His humble beginnings and fiery spirit made David a shining Event Manager, which lead to his current role of General Manager of Operations. He oversees each part of our day-to-day happenings and inspires our team to remain optimistic through any obstacle. No matter what he is doing, David’s focus is on each guest having an amazing time. He loves meeting friendly and interesting people and enjoys building connections with locals and vendors.

David grew up surrounded by forests and enjoys activities outdoors – mountain biking, kayaking, camping, snowboarding, cliff jumping, climbing trees, and more!

Molly Nett

Sales & Events Manager

Molly Nett is the newest addition to our incredible team at the Greysolon. She started her career with the events industry at an internship in college and has loved learning and growing as wedding trends change throughout time. Her most recent experience was her four years with D’Amico Catering, where she started as an assistant and ended as a Senior Catering Coordinator. This led to a Catering Sales Manager position for wedding and special events at the Guthrie Theater. One year later, Molly – along with her high school sweetheart and their two beautiful daughters – made the decision to move closer to where she grew up. Duluth was the perfect fit. In planning the move, Molly knew she wanted to work for the best in the area, and she quickly found her home with us. She loves connecting with people and has made a wonderful addition to our group.

When not at the office, you can find Molly enjoying time out on the lake or at the mall searching for her next on-trend, fashionable outfit. Wherever she goes, there is a warm smile on her face. We have loved getting to know Molly, and you will too!

Gage Rossbach

Greysolon Executive Chef

Gage was born in the kitchen. He grew up in an area near Deer River, MN, where he ate a home cooked meal every night and was taught about cooking by his mother and grandmother. He held his first position as a dishwasher at the Arcadia Lodge at the young age of 14 years old. It was there that he fell in love with the fast pace of the restaurant industry and discovered he could create more than just an entrée. Gage has spent time as a pastry chef and has experience working with organic food through his time at the Whole Foods CoOp.  He has knowledge in both back of house and front of house operations, but overall, Gage has learned the most through his own exploration. Gage’s passion is fueled by dreaming up new dishes and making beautiful looking food. He loves to collaborate one on one with couples or event planners and work together to transform a vision into a delicious meal. Gage loves to travel with his wife, and he pulls inspiration from his visits abroad to places like South Korea, Dubai, Europe, and Sri Lanka. People may not remember every detail about an event, but they always remember the food. With Gage’s drive fueling our kitchen, we are sure to provide a dining experience they will never forget.