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Valentine’s to Re-Inspire the FUN!

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, now seems like a great time to think about those you love and come up with ways to express that love.

Specifically, with your romantic relationships- whether you are dating, engaged or married, you might have been a little distracted these past several months.  Anybody needing a little FUN?

Each relationship stage experiences different challenges in light of covid19, and if you’re among those who have postponed your wedding, you may be feeling especially in need of some fun together!  As important as the wedding day is, the practice of making every day together count will carry you through the years.

We’ve compiled some FUN ideas to share your love with your loves.  Use this Valentine’s Day as a kickstarter to put FUN into your plans on a regular basis.

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-Cocktail Roulette-

What’s actually in that liquor cabinet?  Google it, Pinterest it, and get creative!  Maybe don’t drink it all at once, but map it out on your calendars and take turns creating new drinks!

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-Breakfast Date-

Are you a breakfast skipper?  Wake up earlier during the week and put time into your breakfast together.  Or, take advantage of the weekend and make something luxurious!  Perhaps you want to try out your Great Uncle Olaf’s crepe recipe, or maybe you’re in the mood for non-breakfast food for breakfast (it’s not actually a rule that you can’t eat spaghetti in the morning).

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-Winter Campfire Dinner-

Wrap that dinner in some tinfoil and roast it on the campfire!  You can always eat it inside later, but use that time while it’s cooking to look at the early stars, drink something warm by the fire, or roast a dessert-first marshmallow.  Spend that cooking time together making plans or telling jokes.

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-Sunrise/Sunset Chasing-

Take a drive together in the early hours and hunt for that best spot to see the sun come up.  Do it now before the sun starts rising too early…

Or, pack a picnic dinner and grab that sunset…


-Support Local-

Make a list of the local businesses you love and come up with a plan for how to give them business!

Maybe this includes dining with Black Woods for their Valentine’s special of Filet and Lobster Duet, or perhaps dining in with Black Wood’s Date Night Pasta Special.

-Learn a New Language Together! –

Make sure you figure out how to say “I love you” right away!  Here is a good place to start when figuring out which learning service to go with:

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-Trade Interests-

For example, I’ll try crocheting if you try fly-tying.

Or, I’ll read your book if you read my book.

Or, I’ll listen to you talk about watches if you listen to me talk about plants….

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Happy FUN-having!

-Greysolon by Black Woods



Featured Image by Anna Grinets Photography