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Have Your Rehearsal Dinner at Greysolon!

You’ve got the wedding venue figured out- congratulations! Now all of your decisions will flow from there. You’re checking things off your list like a professional, earning gold stars and breathing easier every day.

And then someone mentions the rehearsal dinner.

-brakes squealing-

uhhhhhh, now you have to plan another event before the other event?

Here’s how to make it easy-  AND FUN- have it at Greysolon!

A rehearsal dinner is the perfect way to provide an ice-breaker and kick off the weekend. This way, the wedding day is a true celebration between people who already know one another- and they can be more relaxed and in-the-moment because of it. And who says this has to be limited to just the family and bridal party? Go ahead and open it up to others for even more fun!

Recently, our very own Jax Eisenmann experienced this with her son’s wedding in the Ballroom, and the night-before rehearsal in the Moorish Room.

“It was a day I will always remember……

It set the pace to take a breath and marry both of our families, united as one as we embarked upon a day we dreamt of our whole lives as parents.  A fulfilling opportunity to genuinely meet and create relationships.”

Rohana Olson Photography

Getting married at a different venue?

We won’t hold it against you, rehearsal dinners are in our wheelhouse! And how fun to get the Ballroom feel as part of your full weekend.

We are the room, the tables & chairs, the linens and wares, and the delicious food & drink – a one stop shop for rehearsal dinner fun! We can even set up a mock ceremony area for you to walk through your plans for the big day.

And don’t worry, we even have the centerpieces! Check out our blog about the decor package here.

Already getting married at Greysolon?

Even better! There are multiple spaces at Greysolon, so let’s check out the other rooms and see if we can get you the full plaza experience! It’s also a great chance to enjoy the other food options on the menu that you were really interested in.

And after you lavish your families with a beautiful dinner and space, head over to Black Water Lounge for the chic after party.

Angela Jo Photography

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Featured image by Angela Jo Photography.