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Greysolon Decor Package

When planning a wedding it is perfectly alright for you to have a ton of questions- and we are always happy to help!  We’ve answered some of your most-asked questions below.


QUESTION- What does your décor package look like?


We offer a décor package that takes care of your guest table centerpieces, as well as your head table, and any side tables you might have (guest book, memorial, cocktail tables, etc.).  The guest table centerpieces consist of a mirror tile and three tiered-height pieces (tall piece, medium piece, short piece), finished with candlelight.

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These are an eclectic mix of silver, gold, mercury glass, and crystal.  You’ll also find a handful of our iconic candelabras thrown in as single statement pieces as well.  We’ll have votives on your cocktail tables, and we’ll use our décor pieces to complete the look for your head table and side tables as well.


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To answer a few more of your questions about the decor package:

Yes- we set it up, take it down, supply the candles, and light them for you!

Yes- we can favor between silver or gold, however there will be some of both.  While mixing metals used to be taboo, it not only now accepted and encouraged, but it looks simply beautiful, especially once the candles are lit and the lights are low!

Yes- the décor package is complete on its own and you don’t need to add anything.

Yes- you can certainly add to it!  You might decide to sprinkle in some greenery, replace one of the items with a floral arrangement, or swap out the mirror tile for your own wood round.

Yes- you can decide not to go with the décor package and to do your own centerpieces.

Yes- you’re right, it is extremely hassle free and convenient- love your observation!

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QUESTION- Who makes the food?

Drum Roll………… WE DO! We make it right here onsite in our kitchen.

Did you know?

When we arrived 12-ish years ago there was only a stand up cooler- now we have a walk-in!  (In fact, there is a secret door connecting the kitchen to our office that is now blocked by said walk-in cooler).

Early on we made the change to have gas piped into the kitchen for better cooking techniques.

We’ve invested in a trained chef and his crew that spend many hours planning their meal and the production of it. Having delicious, hot food takes a lot of planning!

Our dumb-waiter was used for the Hotel Duluth guests’ room service.

For a 300 person event, we go through about 150 pounds of potatoes and 12 pounds of butter!

We make our own pizza dough and puff pastry, as well our own soups, sauces, and dressings all in house!

Our chef wears hounds-tooth patterned pants.  (This is pertinent information because it just makes sense that a stylish chef makes stylish food.)


To answer a few more of your questions:

Yes- we do specialty meals!  And we’ve seen it all.  Don’t forget to note for your guests to let you know about their special dietary needs so that we can be best prepared!

Yes- everyone will get fed!  For the guest who didn’t tell you they don’t eat meat, no stress.  Food and beverage is what we do.

Yes- we can do both plated style and buffet style.

Yes- we can customize!  Don’t see something on the menu that you wish we had?  Let’s talk!


Stay tuned for more questions answered!

Featured Image by Andrea Johnson Photography