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Less Waste Wedding with Greysolon

It’s the NEW YEAR! And lots of folks are setting intentions for 2022.

Commonly those include exercising, eating right, and engaging in more sustainable practices- all great goals. If you’re planning a wedding in 2022, you might be hoping to waste less in doing so- that’s commendable, and Greysolon can help!

4 Ways Weddings at Greysolon Waste Less

(But secretly more than 4)

First, you can have both your ceremony and reception with Greysolon, and we take care of the room flip in-between. This means your guests aren’t traveling (and using gas) from one place to another.

BONUS- we’re located right downtown, within walking distance of several hotels, shops, and of course our big, beautiful lake! You can quickly access Canal Park via the boardwalk- that means there is even more you can do without using gas to get around.

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Second, a wedding at Greysolon uses wares that can be washed and reused time and time again. Glassware, china, silverware, and linens! If any single-use products must be used, they’re either compostable or recyclable, and we provide recycling bins as well.

BONUS- Our affiliate Black Woods Catering team really takes it the extra mile as well. If doing a drop-off event and not using real wares, the bamboo plates and wine glasses are compostable, and the chaffers are recyclable, too!

SECONDARY BONUS- Have you ever attended a show next door at the Norshor Theatre? That’s us at the bar (hi), and those wine glasses compostable as well!

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Third, have you heard about our décor package?  That’s an option couples can choose in which we provide our beautiful centerpieces.  This means less buying, less hauling, less breaking, and less leftover décor that you’re not sure where to put.

(It also makes your day waaaay less hectic…)

Check out our blog about the decor package here.

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And fourth, let’s talk about the actual food.  If you’ve paid for meals and those guests don’t show, those meals can go home with you with just a quick signature of a waiver.  If you’d rather not, we can certainly feed our hard-working staff. And finally, we are able to donate to local mission on your behalf!

Further Tips & Tricks for Less Waste at Your Wedding

-For many reasons, doing your Save-The-Dates and invitations and keeping track of your RSVP’s can be so much easier if kept online- and that’s great for the less waste mission as well.

-Do a beautifully designed board/sign that lists the program for the guests, rather than passing out individually.

-If you wish to have printed programs, menus or name cards, consider using seed paper that is fully degradable and can be planted afterwards.  (Any Etsy fans out there?)

-There is also such a thing as biodegradable ink that can aid in your quest to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding.

-Whenever possible, use local vendors. This not only supports the local economy, but typically means less shipping and packaging, as well as less travelling and gas.

-Repurpose when possible.  This is such a fun one!  Ask your mom, your aunts, your grandmothers and cousins what they’ve still got from their weddings and see what you can incorporate into your own.  This could be anything- picture frames for your memorial display, vases that can become planter favors, lamps to soften the atmosphere…. the list goes on and on!

-Rent instead of buy.  This can apply to decor as well as attire.

-Skip the favors, which often get tossed, or make sure they’re something consumable/useful/delightful.  Maybe it’s little plants or bulbs to be planted later.  Or do something edible through Greysolon, like our Goodnight Station with donuts holes!

For more facts and ideas about sustainable weddings, check out this blog by 77 Diamonds of London: The Guide to Sustainable, Zero-Waste, Ethical Weddings

Contact us today to get the plans rolling for your Less Waste Wedding at Greysolon!



*Featured Image by 85mmweddings Photography