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One Place, Many Styles

Well it’s true that if you want a Downton Abby/Great Gatsby kind of wedding, this is the place for you.  



But, what if you’re not a Vintage Elegance kind of couple? Not a worry! 


Let’s take a look at just how versatile Greysolon Ballroom & Moorish Room really are…


What if your style is garden-party?


You’ll probably be looking to serve finger foods during social hour.

You might want to do some signature drinks with cute straws, maybe even serve them in jars.

Throw in a picnic basket and blanket from time to time.

Florals, florals, and more florals!

Start collecting unique vases, like vintage tea-cups or crystal punch glasses.

Use furniture- like a hutch or a sweetheart couch.

Check out some garden-party photos in Greysolon!

Lauren Baker Photography

© Bailey Aro Photography

© Bailey Aro Photography

© Bailey Aro Photography

What if your style is Bohemian/ Whimsical?

We love it!

Probably planning a lose hair-style.

Think geometric shapes and marble/granite patterns.

Feathers & Wild Flowers!

See if you can get your hands on some lounging furniture- like a fainting or sweetheart couch.

Move away from the traditional black suit.

Check out some Bohemian/Whimsical looks at Greysolon!


© Bailey Aro Photography


Bellagala Photography


© Bailey Aro Photography


Chelsea Dobs Photography



What if your style is Beachy?

We have a beach just footsteps away!

Beachy weddings bring out the pinks and blues…

You can easily decorate with shells, glass marbles, driftwood, and (contained) sand.

Be purposeful as to whether your style is nautical or not.  If so, stripes and rope everywhere!

Start collecting your lantern lights!

Use starfish and sand-dollars.

Have your bridal party wear sandals or flip-flops to really feel like you’re on the beach!

Check out some Beachy looks at Greysolon!

Max Caven Photography

Max Caven Photography

Max Caven Photography


What if you‘re Rustic/Country? 

Isn’t everyone, at heart?!?


Short dresses with boots.

Did we mention super cute boots.

Go with grey, brown, or tan suits.

Utilize nature, especially wood!

Decorate with crates, barrels, and burlap.

Maybe a hay bale or two?

Serve a specialty drink in a mason jar!

Check out some Rustic/Country looks at Greysolon!

Al & Lyndsey Photography

Derek Montgomery Photography

What if you’re Winter Wonderland?

Then this is the place for you!

Decorate with pine boughs, pinecones & birch branches.

Throw in some bling & some plaid!

Throw in some glitz, and/or use fruit, like pomegranate and pear.

Seriously- go with that elegant, long-sleeve dress like you’ve been dreaming about.

White lights and an ice-sculpture will take it from great, to greatest.

Check out some Winter Wonderland looks at Greysolon!

Lauren Baker Photography

Lauren Baker Photography

85mm Photography


Here are some quizzes we’ve found to help you determine your style…

What is Your Bridal Style?

We took the quizzes, and here is what we got!



Korah is Vintage Boho!  “That makes sense- I love taking two different styles and mixing them together.”


Kalysta is Dream Princess! She says, “Go Figure!”



Jax is Dream Princess as well!  Her reaction, ” Am I really?  Interesting…”


Whatever your style, be you!

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