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Twin Cities- Here We Come!

We’re Coming to the Twin Cities Wedding Fair!


On Sunday, March 25th, our Greysolon Ballroom team will be representing both the Ballroom and the Moorish Room in the Twin Cities Wedding Fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

  And we.have.AWE.SOME.NEWS.

We just can’t wait until the show, we have to tell you now!

HALF-OFF Room Rental for remaining 2018 dates.


Hold up, what did we just say?

We just told you that if you book one of the remaining dates in 2018 for your wedding, we will cut your room rental in half.

What does this mean?!?

This means that you get this …

Photo by Beau Petersen Photography

for only this!   —–> $2,900 $1,450!


Or you get this …


Photo by Render Photography


for only this! —–> $2,200 $1,100


“But Wait- There’s More!”

Come and see us at the Wedding Fair, and the deal will be even more amazing!

Take those room rentals and make them $0.


Hold up, what did we just say?

We just told you that if you COME AND SEE US AT THE SHOW, the room rental for your wedding on remaining 2018 dates is $0!


Remember, this is on remaining 2018 dates only, some restrictions do apply, and it’s still subject to a taxed service charge.  So don’t forget to give us a call or an email before we get to the Twin Cities Wedding Fair and all the dates get snatched up!



Now that you are definitely coming to see us at the Wedding Fair, we wanted to share with you some tips and tricks to help you to  Get the most out of a wedding show.


Eat a good breakfast.

Stay calm and take your time.  You don’t have to make all your decisions in one day.  (But that would make a great episode for your reality TV show.)

Have a good idea of your budget ahead of time.

Make a checklist for yourself and bring a pen to cross things off.  (Otherwise, it’ll be like coming home from the grocery store without your key ingredient.)



Prioritize what you need to do first.  For example, you should probably start with a venue and a date before you pick out cupcake flavors (though that is way more delicious.)

Keep an open mind.  Allow yourself to imagine things, even for a day, that you didn’t think you would be interested in.


You don’t have to give your contact info to everyone.  (It’s kind of like dating, you should have a real conversation and get a feel for the people before you give them your phone number.)

If you do give out your info, you may want to have already-made stickers or business cards.  (This way you avoid the hand-cramp of writing it again, and again, and again…)

What to wear: 

Comfortable shoes are a must.

Wear something noticeable, such as a bright color or a hat, to help your party keep track of you.

Got a special piece of jewelry that you’ve always known you would wear on your wedding day?  Wear it to the fair!  Because you can.  And because it may help you channel decisions that fit the personality of your wedding.

Photo by Bailey Aro Photography


Things to bring with:

Use a purse and/or tote that is easy to find things in.

If you already have your dress and /or colors picked out, bring an example with you.

Bring a snickers bar and a bottle of water (or whatever your personal life-savers are).


We’ve also put together some things to keep in mind when you are choosing your vendors.

  • Read their reviews.
  • Have a voice to voice conversation with them.
  • Be real with yourself about what is important to you.
  • Make sure you dig them and that they dig you too.



Okay, one more thing that’s been on our minds that we want to share with you.


We have been having so much fun with our Father-Daughter, Mother-Son, and Mother-Daughter Dinner Dances that we host each winter here at Greysolon.

 It’s got us thinking about just how important those relationships are, and how special those Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances can be on your wedding day as well.


Photo by Bailey Aro Photography

Photo by Bailey Aro Photography


Photo by Bailey Aro Photography

Here is some advice we’ve compiled to help you choose your special dance:

Decide if you want everyone to be crying or laughing.  Either one is legit, and up to you.  In fact, you can do both.

Is there a song that was special to the two of you when you were younger?  Or, what song did they dance to at their own wedding?

Choose what you actually want, and not just what you think you are supposed to want.

Sometimes it is helpful to choose multiple options and then get the opinion of the other person you are dancing with.

The dance should be about 1.5 to 3 minutes, but no longer (unless it’s crazy entertaining!)- so that those watching don’t lose interest.  You can get your DJ to shorten a song, or even mash a few together.

If your dance is choreographed, make sure you practice in the right shoes and dress.

It’s a good idea to know how big/small your dance floor is while you’re practicing, and totally legit to ask the venue for this information.


Our personal favorites:

Kalysta– I danced with my dad to My girl.  Always loved this song and knew that someday I would dance to it with my dad at my wedding.  I love the movie Father of the Bride and they play that song during the montage of pictures of the bride growing up.  I cry every time I watch it and think about me and my dad’s relationship.

Photos by On3Design


Korah- My dad and I danced to one of my favorites, Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight”.  It’s the perfect hoppy-beat for my Dad and I to dance too.  My runner up was “Big Bopper- Chantilly Lace” because we used to sing it together when I was a little girl.  (I would sing the words and he would do the funny voice).  

Picture of a photo by Wonderful Life Photography

Melissa- We did a combined Father-Daughter and Mother-Son to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”.  I wouldn’t have changed a thing! It felt like a great song that we could both dance to with our parents! 

Photo by Amy Jo Erickson Photography

Photo by Amy Jo Erickson Photography




















So here’s what we think you should do:

Call us.  218.722.7466

Come visit us at the Wedding Fair.

And then start planning for the best day ever!

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