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Tips to Staying Cool at your Summer Wedding!

Things are heat… heat… heating up for the summer – both outside and at Greysolon Ballroom!

As you’re getting ready for your summer wedding, we want to share with you a few tips for your upcoming big (hot) day!

  1. Drink Water.IMG_7779
    • We’re not saying to skip the coffee (that would be ridiculous). We’re not saying to skip the mimosas with your pals while you’re getting ready or the pales of ale with your buds while you’re hanging out. We’re not even saying to skip the keg of local beer during your social hour or the champagne toast during dinner…. We’re just saying, don’t skip the water.  Drink lots of water. Consequently, plan for bathroom breaks – having to use the bathroom is a GOOD thing on a hot day!
  2. Eat Food.
    • Don’t skip breakfast or lunch on your big day, and even have some snacks in between.  Excitement can get you far, but eventually your body needs real sustenance to keep you standing through the “I do”.
  3. Wear sunscreen.
    • Even if your ceremony is inside, you might still be doing pictures outside, and you’ll have no idea how long you stood in the sun until a few days later when you feel it.  And it gives you a nice summery glow!
  4. Have your favorite makeup – touch up weapons ready!
  5. If you need to get cool fast, focus on your wrists and your feet.
    • A cool cloth or small bag of ice placed on those two areas can cool your whole body down without messing up your wedding day look!
  6. And above all….Remember to go with the flow! The best part about your wedding day is the part where the two of you become a married couple.  When this is your focus, nothing else can get in your way of having the best day ever!


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