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10 Tips For Planning Your Wedding

highlights-18The old Christmas carol talks about “five golden rings” but chances are you’re thinking about just one—one with a diamond on it. Christmas Eve is the most popular day of the year to propose and many people get engaged during the holiday season.

At the Greysolon Ballroom, we have seen hundreds of weddings. Here are some tips as you start to plan for your special day:

1. Plan your Guest List First

Try to narrow down the list to yes, no, and maybe–this will help you find the perfect venue for the number of guests that you are considering and helps you set your budget as well. We’ve got wedding packages that cover from 120 to 325 guests.

2. Keep the Food Coming

Our in-house chefs provide homemade food for our wedding, including salty snacks, full dinners, cocktails, and dessert. It is great to make sure that you and your wedding party are nourished to keep your energy up throughout the whole day and night, too. Start with a social hour and after dinner turn to hors d’ oeuvres and late night snacks to keep the party going for all your guests!

3. Add a Personal Touch

Pick a few of your favorite things that your wedding should reflect. Perhaps he is Italian and would like an Italian flair to the menu or you just love gardening and give each guest a succulent as a party favor. Maybe you have your favorite perfume in the bathroom for ladies to enjoy. Maybe he loves bourbon so bourbon Manhattans are the signature drink for the evening! Whatever you do, create signs explaining the personal touches so your guests can enjoy the backstory with you.

4. Get A Room

Once you book your venue, book/reserve room blocks and lodging for your guests. Hotel rooms can book up fast depending on the season. This helps to ensure greater attendance at your wedding. It is helpful to book a couple of different hotels at different price points.

5. Find The Right Vendors

Meet with your vendors in person and make sure they are professional and caring. You don’t want a vendor who seems too busy or important for you. Our expert planners take time to meet with each couple and hear their vision for the day, but don’t take our word for it–meet them yourself and see if you click before making any final decisions.

6. Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

Just because you’re planning a wedding doesn’t mean you should ignore your friends during the planning process. Make time to connect, even if it’s just for a quick drink at your favorite nightspot (which we assume is Black Water Lounge). The greatest gift you will receive is their attendance!

7. Spend Wisely

Your wedding should be a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, but don’t add needless stress by overspending. First have the money talk as a couple, then go to each side of the family separately. Let everyone speak freely. We have options that range from budget-friendly to downright luxurious, but ultimately your wedding has to fit your own finances comfortably.

8. Get It On Camera

What do most brides regret? Not getting a videographer. Invest in a photographer and videographer that you love, it’s the only thing you get to take home with you!

9. Take Some Couple Time

Just like you shouldn’t neglect your friends when wedding planning (see tip 6), you shouldn’t neglect your future spouse either. It is important to continue date nights and not get all wrapped up in every detail of the wedding. Enjoy this time in your life and the ride. Set up a reward system for planning. For example, every time you make a decision about your wedding plans, go out on a date night together. Personally, we recommend Black Woods for a nice dinner or Tavern on the Hill for a fun lunch!

10. Have Fun

This is a wedding you’re planning. Remember what brought you to the dance. There is a time to plan and there is a time to play, so make sure to keep things light and fun!

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