The Ready Rooms

On your wedding day, it’s important to have a nice space in which to get ready.  It should feel exciting and calming at the same time.  It’s a place for to put your stuff, play your music, and take great pictures too.


So let’s check out the ready rooms we have at Greysolon!


First, The Chambers.

Britt DeZeeuw Photography


The Chambers is the ready room space that comes with the Moorish Room.

It didn’t exist until 2016, when Black Woods invested in a little remodeling on the lobby level of Greysolon to make it happen.

Mad Chicken Studios


It’s nice and private, more spacious than expected, temperature controlled, and has an amazing vanity!

Mad Chicken Studios


There are plenty of mirrors and hooks for the whole crew.

Mad Chicken Studios


Render Photography


It’s also a great place to set up your lunch and mimosas!

Britt Dezeeuw Photography


And fun fact!- the incredible twin chandeliers have been indefinitely borrowed from their original owner- Jax’s mother!

Next, The Quarters

85mm Photography



The Quarters- this nobel and intimate space is so well-rounded.

Penny Photographics


Typically on a wedding day it is used for part of the wedding party as their home-base, a place to straighten the tie, or play one last round of poker before heading out for photos.

85mm Photography


A place to share a pale of ale and tell a tale.

Nelson Hill Photography


It’s also been utilized for kiddy pizza & coloring parties during dinner, business meetings, intimate holiday parties, and most recently- minimony dinners!


And of course, The Suite

The Suite is nesttled in at the South East corner of the building, just perfect for checking out views of Lake Superior.  It’s airy and bright, and great for photos.


With whispy white curtains and hooks all around…

Three Irish Girls Photography


And the incredible 3-way mirror in the corner makes you feel like royalty.

Penny Photographics


Lot’s of room for all the pals…

Josh Manley Photography


And those vintage radiator benches!

Kate Becker Photography


Surrounded by your besties…

Three Irish Grils


and Mimosa in hand…

Nelson Hill Photography