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Advice for getting ready on your wedding morning.

We’ve seen a lot of weddings.  And since most of our couples get ready here on site, we’ve seen a lot of getting ready.

Here are our tips and tricks to set you up for success when getting ready on your wedding day.


A few weeks out:


For an important day like this, don’t do any experimenting.  Don’t try shellfish in your omelette for the first time.  Ladies, don’t try a new spray tanner or a new facial mask the night before.  Gentlemen, don’t try a new razor or shave cream that morning.  Get all of your experimenting done weeks ahead of time and just do what you normally do to take care of yourself.  The day will be special enough as it is.


Long before the day-of (this could mean days or weeks, depending on your style), compose thank you/love cards for those important people in your life.  Parents, siblings, dear friends that mean so much to you should be on this list- you may not have time on your wedding day to sit quietly in a corner and express gratitude to them- plus, the fewer tears the better the makeup….

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A few days out:


Gather every piece of everything that you are going to wear for the wedding and keep it all together in one place.  For ladies, this can include jewelry, hair pieces, and something blue…

(and don’t forget those fun, comfy shoes you’ll want to wear while getting ready!)


For gentlemen, this could be a watch handed down from your great uncle or a pocket square your best man gave you when you were both seventeen and looking fly.


A day or two before the wedding, pack these items all at one time, and have a trustworthy second set of eyes watching over the process.  And if you want to sleep extra peacefully, write a list of what you packed for easy reference and reassurance.


While you’re at it, also put together what you’re going to wear that morning before you get dressed in your fancies.  For gentlemen, this may be jeans and a t-shirt while you have breakfast with your groomsmen.  For ladies, this might be a pretty silk robe for getting ready pictures.  Don’t forget to wear a top that does not need to be removed over the head- to protect your hair style!


Also pack a little tote of emergency items- sewing kit, pain reliever, Tide to go…

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Do get outside for a little fresh air before it all begins, soak it up!


Take it all in, each time you enter a new space, stop-close your eyes and breathe in-breathe out.  You have arrived.


Phones on silent.  Or even off!


Get your playlist ready—You get to decide the mood on your day.  Maybe you want a wedding theme playlist- like ‘Going to the Chapel’.  Maybe you put together all the songs that get you energized!  Or maybe you play Spa music to keep calm and collected…

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Don’t forget to order all your favorite beverages-mimosas, ice coffee, green tea, infused water to stay hydrated.

Also, great to pack a little snack kit for the hotel room the night of the wedding.  Whatever you like to munch on as you decompress from all the dancing/festitvies

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Infuse your water with lemons or cucumbers to make it even tastier!

Specifically plan “eat” into your day.  If you are the type to write a list of what to do next, make sure you put “eat” in there multiple times.  And don’t just expect food to show up- you need to specifically plan out what it will be and how you will get it.  Be true to your eating time, require silence or stillness if you need to, just eat.  You don’t want a drop in sugar  as you walk down the aisle!

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Point Person-

Do not be the person that everyone comes to with questions.  Have somebody else be that person.  And the only person allowed to ask you about wedding details is that one person, who will then communicate to everyone else.  Otherwise, you may find yourself answering the same question to multiple people and getting frustrated.  This is a happy day!


You can have a collection of essentials in a clutch or a man-bag- but you should not be the person responsible for carrying it.  Employ one of your team members to be in charge of it, and give them a title so that they hold the position with honor- it will make them feel important, and therefore will knock it out of the park.


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And above all, remember- you’re getting married!


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