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Q&A with a Greysolon Couple

Have you ever wanted to ask a real life Greysolon Couple questions about their big day?

Danielle & Jay were married in the Ballroom at Greysolon in May 2019, and we got to do a one-year followup Q&A!

How did you two meet?

“We met at our mutual friends graduation party in 2006. I thought he was cute and he had to ask our mutual friend a couple of times for my number. She was protective of me and thought he was too much of a bad boy.”

How did the proposal go?

“He proposed on October 1st 2017 at the Vikings vs. Lions game. He’s a Lions fan and I bleed purple, however he wore a Randy Moss Vikings jersey (his favorite Viking) to the game that day as we were sitting in the Delta Sky360 Club area. This area has complementary food and drinks as well as a track that is attached to the locker room that the players walk out of for practice before the game and at half time. It was already the greatest day of my life.

I didn’t think he was going to propose that day because the metal detectors didn’t go off at the gate. However at half time right after Ahmad Rashad got inducted into the Ring of Honor, Jay got down on one knee and said “There’s only one way to make this day more memorable” and I said yes before he even asked the question. The lovely couple next to us was kind enough to have taken a few pictures and sent them to us. It was the most amazing day other than our wedding day.”

We just love this story so much!

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What led you to choose Greysolon for your wedding?

“We are from the Twin Cities and like to visit Duluth every winter for a little getaway. In 2016 as we were eating breakfast at our Beacon Pointe resort, Jay said we should get married here.

It was music to my ears as I had been dreaming of a wedding at Greysolon ever since I saw it on The Knot years prior. I got my dream wedding in our favorite place.”

We are so glad you chose each other and chose us!

What season did you have your wedding in and why did you choose that?

“We had our wedding in May because I love beautiful pastel colors and I was going for a springtime enchanted forest theme with our flowers and colors.”

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

“Picking all the things that helped tell our story. I wanted our day to reflect who we are, I didn’t want the day to look like it could be anyone else’s wedding.

Our day featured dice in boutonnieres for my husband’s love of games, a puzzle guestbook for us to do on our 1 year anniversary, each table had lyrics from our favorite love songs instead of table numbers, and one of the songs played during the processional was the inspiration for our dogs names.”

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Capturyd Studios

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How did you decide on what other vendors to book with?

“We went to multiple events to choose our vendors. A majority of the vendors we selected we met at the Greysolons Wedding Fair and we chose them mostly based on the connection we formed. We booked most of our vendors that day.

Northland Special Events was kind of a lifesaver with all of this as they were our one stop shop for wedding services. Mariah was both our coordinator and officiant. They also did all of our flowers and rentals.”

Mariah does have superpowers.

What was your least favorite part of the planning process?

“The stress of making sure everything was in place. I forgot a whole box of our wedding table lyrics, but our coordinator was able to fix it in a pinch.

I think it was also hard to have the high adrenaline rush be over once we got home from the honeymoon.”

What is one thing you would tell other couples not to stress over?

“Anything on the actual day. If something doesn’t turn out exactly as planned it is not going to ruin your day. You are still going to have an amazing day partying with your family and friends.”

What would you do differently?

“Communicate more with my husband about his wants and expectations at the beginning of the process.

If we had talked about what color he wanted to wear earlier in the process, we probably would have gotten married in October rather than May.”

Were you nervous/excited on your wedding day?  And what did you do to stay calm?

“I was mostly excited. The only time I felt truly nervous was walking down the aisle and making my thank you speech.

To stay calm I focused on my husband during those times. It was easier thinking he was the only audience.”

That’s such good advice!

What surprised you about your wedding day?

“How quickly it went. It was gone in a flash, there were more moments I wish I would have been able to be a part of or more photos I wished I would have gotten.”

Which wedding day moment will last in your memory forever?

“Our first dance, he and I were completely focused on one another. I sang the whole song to him while crying and he was emotional too.

It was the most honest and raw moment of the day and it truly spoke volumes about our connection.”

You’re making us cry all over again! 

What was one thing your guests said to you after attending your wedding that you will never forget?

“They said it was one of the most beautiful weddings they had ever been to and that it truly reflected who we are.”

Wow, what more could you ask for?

Danielle and Jay,
We are grateful for you in so many ways.  Thank you, thank you!

We hope you have a happy one-year anniversary!

– The Entire Team at Greysolon by Black Woods