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Beautiful Getting Ready Photos

Wanna get those epic getting ready shots?

Here are some items to bring with you the morning-of to help you achieve those beautiful and memorable photos; and check out some of the epic photos our couples have shared with us!



A nice hanger for your dress/suit.

Three Irish Girls Photography


Penny Photographics




Jewelry- rings & ring boxes!

Kirsten Barbara Photography


Josh Manley Photography


© Bailey Aro Photography


Amy Mae Photos



Earrings, necklace, head piece, broach, a beautiful bottle of perfume, veil, clutch, an elegant tube of lipstick, shoes, watch, tie-clip, cufflinks, pocket square, cologne.


Kirsten Barbara Photography


© Bailey Aro Photography


© Bailey Aro Photography


Lauren Baker Photography



Wedding invitation, bouquet, boutonniere, & special socks!


Amy Mae Photography


JaneCane Photography


Along an Inland Sea Photography


Shawna Vine Photography


Kirsten Barbara Photography



Gifts & letters.

85mm Photography


Kirsten Barbara Photography


Remember that it’s your day, your way.  So have fun!


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Featured Image by Britt Dezeeuw Photography