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Surviving Winter When You’re Dreaming of a Summer Wedding

Here in Duluth we have Winter.  And Winter is awesome, and we have a great time.

(Especially when fun bridal parties come together with fun photographers, like Beau Petersen Photography.)

Beau Petersen Photography




We Duluthians believe that Winter is absolutely gorgeous- part of the reason why we love Winter Weddings!

Lauren Baker Photography




Once in awhile Winter is just okay, and we can’t help but dream of Spring.

And if you have a Spring or Summer Wedding, you’re probably wondering if the season is ever going to change, right?

Beau Petersen Photography



We’re here to tell you that it will come, it always does.

And by the time you get to June, you’re going to wonder where the time went and slightly wish you could have it back again.

So here are some ideas to help you slow down and enjoy the wait:



Take care of yourself long before your wedding season.

If this means working out, then you should know that beach bodies are made in the winter.

If this means eye cream and Lash Boost, then give it time to truly soak in.

If this means developing a morning routine, like reading/meditating/yoga- get it going now so that it’s more than a trend and part of your essence.

All of these examples are not only to get you the desired results (#lashesfordays), but to help you with routine and therefore emotional even-keen.  Added bonus, it keeps you focused on the present moment, as it’s so easy to wish time away when you’re planning such an amazing wedding day!


85mm Photography


Put a little spring in your step.

Soak up as much sunlight as possible.

Supplement with Vitamin D if that’s right for you.

Add color to your wardrobe.

Special Secret * wear sunscreen on a random day- the smell will boost your spirits and make you feel like it’s not winter!

Surround yourself with plants and flowers!

And don’t skip the vacation plans.


Amy Mae Photos


Enjoy the present season.

It will be an entire year before you have the chance again to enjoy winter again, so be purposeful about enjoying it now.

Take a walk through the snowy woods with your sweetie.

Have hot cocoa parties.

Go skiing.

Build a wedding ceremony setup of snowmen!


Just remember, your long-awaited day will come.  The time between now and then is a bonus!



Featured image by Beau Petersen Photography.