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Ideas to Personalize Your Big Day

Did you know that Generation Z is starting to get married?  And when it comes to their weddings, the name of the game is personalization.

But isn’t it kinda for everybody?

In fact, The Knot says that 74% of couples getting married these days has at least one personal element or theme in their wedding.


We’ve compiled some unique ideas for you to consider!




Take a different take on the bouquet, like:

a Flower necklace!


Pinwheels instead of flowers!

Bellagala Wedding Photography


Have guests pass flowers to the bride as she walks down the aisle,


Flower rings instead of a corsage.


Or check out these awesome paper flowers!

Beau Petersen Photography

Beau Petersen Photography


Bring in cultural and regional aspects from both sides.

Capturyd Studios Photography


Nick Vittorio Photography


On the topic of what to wear…

Different colored Dress- you know you want to!

Different colored Shoes- so chic.

Bailey Aro Photography

Patterned or Velvet Suit- be daring!


Or a Romper instead of a Dress!


Let’s talk about how to remember those Very Important People:


Serve their favorite drink and let everybody know it!

Beau Petersen Photography


Play their favorite song and invite everyone to the dance floor!

Josh Manley Photography


Unique Desserts Ideas!


Like a Cookie Cake:

Bailey Aro Photography

Or a tiered display of cake pops:


Bailey Aro Photography

And a couple more thoughts…


Blending names….




Two aisles for both to walk down at once……


And our favorite, include your dog!

Jane Cane Photography


It’s your day, your way!



*Featured Image by Bailey Aro Photography