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Journey of a Dedicated Employee… A Novel


Just kidding, this is not a novel, it’s a blog.


Chapter 1

Once upon a time, David Oliver started his career at Greysolon by Black Woods as a Houseman.

He enjoyed getting an exercise in by lifting heavy tables, and took ownership over the space.  He delighted in knowing that when the couple walked in on the morning of their wedding, they would be amazed at the view he helped to set into place.


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Render Photography

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Chapter 2

He had mastered his craft and needed an extra challenge.  He began polishing silverware and putting down place settings, putting the set team in an excellent position for the big day.


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Chapter 3

David began to train others on everything he knew, and there was an opportunity for him to tend bar at events.



Chapter 4

David’s hard work continued to pay off, and he became an event manager.

He learned how to watch over everything all at one time- like staff, setup, food, beverage, and the important people who decided to have their events with Greysolon.


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Chapter 5

Event Manager turned into General Manager of Operations at Greysolon.  Now, as he continues to manage events, he also oversees the other event managers, who oversee everything under the sun.


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Sternberg Studios



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