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Greysolon Open House-2019!

It’s officially November, and we are getting so excited!





Because it’s time again for one of our favorite events- the Annual Greysolon Open House!

It’s happening on Sunday, November 17th, 2019!


Open House- What’s that?!


It’s our very own wedding vendor show, featuring amazing area vendors- and it takes place right here in our “house”!


You mean right at Greysolon?


Yes!  We open up our space for you to come in and see both the Ballroom and the Moorish Room.


Mattea Rose Photography


And what goes on at the Open House?


You’ll get to visit with area vendors-  they’ll be set up throughout the space as well and are excited to meet with you!


What kind of vendors will be there?


So glad you asked!  You’ll meet photographers, DJs, Décor, Planning, Makeup…..

and so much more!



Mattea Rose Photography


Sounds fun!  How much is it to attend?


It only costs a smile.  As in, it is free!


It’s free??  You mean, it’s free if I’m booked at Greysolon, right?


If you’re booked at Greysolon it’s extra special, but it’s free even if your wedding is not booked at Greysolon.


Wow!  Kinda makes me want to book at Greysolon….


Gilded Sparrow Photography




Can I bring other people?


Absolutely, the more the merrier!  You can bring anyone and everyone that you would like to be there.


Emenee Studios



Wow, so fun!  What else do I need to know?


All you have to do is pre-register, and you can do that here:

(Day of registration available.)


Also, you’ll likely want to park in the Medical District Ramp at the corner of 1st Street & 3rd Ave East.

Medical District Ramp
302 E 1st St
Duluth, MN 55802


We can’t wait to see you there!!



*Featured Image by Mattea Rose Photography