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Let’s Have a Little Fun…

If you’re having your wedding with Greysolon, here are some things you can expect we’re going to ask you about.


Décor Package:

Don’t want to worry about finding/buying/packing/hauling/setting up/taking down/packing again/hauling again/what to do with your centerpieces?

That’s why we created the décor package!  Check out more information here:

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We typically see ivory linens in both the Ballroom and the Moorish Room.  However, we do have white and black as options as well.

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Menu & Snacks

Let’s talk about what you want to eat for dinner!  We do both plated and buffet, and we can help you to figure out which works best for both your wedding day details and allocations.  We have a great menu, and can customize as well!

Did you know we do appetizers AND late night snacks?  Yum….  We can talk you through doing either a beautiful station or having a festive feel with butler-passing.  Don’t forget to think from your guests’ perspective and when they’ll be feeling hungry.  Not sure how many to order?  We can help!

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Are you doing random seating?  Or, assigned tables?  With random, you’ll want extra tables so that people can figure out where they fit.

You’ll get lots of great ideas about this by checking it out on our Pinterest board:


Do you plan to have favors for your guests that we should have a table in place for?  Or, are they going at each place setting?

Need some ideas?  Check out our Pinterest board!

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What a delicious topic.  Are you bringing in a dessert from a licensed bakery?  Should it go on your head table, or a separate table?  Do you have a cake knife & server you’re bringing in, or would you like to use ours?  Are you wanting everything served out, or the top tier saved?  And yes, we do cut & serve your cake at no additional fee.

Don’t forget, we have dessert, too!

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Signing Item:

Are you planning on having a guest book or a signing item?  Let’s talk about what it is, and what the setup should be.  We have long banquet tables, high cocktail tables, and even have a floor easel you could use if you’re wanting the item to be upright, like a poster/sign.

Check out some of these fun Signing Item ideas on our Pinterest board:

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Amy Mae Photography

Gifts & Cards:

Let’s talk about where your gifts can go, we have great options!

We can’t wait to connect with you!


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