Today, we’re talking wedding trends.  Not only what we saw in WINTER WEDDING TRENDS this season, but also upcoming 2019 WEDDING TRENDS that we are so excited to experience!

Some of these we’ve seen coming, and others are taking the wedding industry by surprise!  But if there is one word to sum it all up it would be the ever-popular pronunciation conundrum: HYYGE.

(Hoo-Guh) (High-Ghee) (Who-Knows)

Anyway, you know what we’re talking about.  2019 is all about two things: cozy and joy.

Here are some of our favorite trends to share with you!

 Winter Wedding– Think beverage cart.  Think traveling hot chocolate station.  Think interactive winter-themed cocktails (like Greysolon Ballroom’s Snowflake Martini) or a variety of mulled drinks.

2019 Wedding– Groom Costume Change.  That’s right, we said it.  This year, the groom gets two favorite outfits and the delight of shocking the room when he steps out in his party outfit!

Winter Wedding- Bring the outside, inside.  While you probably don’t want to bring in the snow itself, you can get the snowy woods feel by utilizing specialty linen/fuzzy white rugs, wood elements in your décor, and hey- why not- maybe have some slushies!

Photo by 85 mm Photography

2019 Wedding– Bring the inside, outside!  Yep- you can actually have your vintage loveseat sitting in the industrial parking lot.  And yes, you can put a rug and coffee table in the middle of a field.  Lamps too?  Mmhmm.

Winter Wedding– Sleeves.  Sleeves on dresses.  Dresses with sleeves.  Long-sleeve wedding dresses.  Can you hear how much we like that idea?

2019 Wedding– Have you heard of a beauty bar?  From DIY to hired professionals, give your guests star treatment with a spruce-up or total makeover at your wedding!  We want to be invited…!


Winter Wedding- Blankets.





Ice-Florals?!?  Yes, we’re talking about flowers frozen in time for the perfect effect!

Candles at different heights.  ( Oh hey- we do that!  Check out our décor package here:

Nina Francine Photography


2019 Wedding- Surround ceremonies.

Mix & Match china.

Focus on sustainability.


Statement cakes are making a comeback!

Brian Bossany Photography

Mix & match tables- rounds/banquets.

Costume illustrations on your invitations, your signing item, escort card, menus, you name it.

Derek Montgomery Photography

We are loving the Mix & Match groomsmen attire! ( Just make sure you have enough bodies to pull it off so it very clearly appears purposeful).


And from now on……….  Bridesmen & Groomswomen!


We hope you have fun typing these trends into Pinterest and Instagram- find something that really sticks?  Tag us so that we can get excited along with you!