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Let’s Talk Wedding Registry!

Registering for your wedding gifts can be OV.ER.WHEL.MING.

There are different ways to go about it, so make sure the two of you get to talk it through and make the decision together.

Here are some things to consider…


Getting Started- Before you start scanning!

Do one registry early on to cover your engagement party, showers, and wedding.

But don’t feel like you need to register for everything at one time.  Take your time to make thoughtful decisions so that you don’t end up with items you don’t really like.

Register for a wide range of prices, and from multiple locations so that your guests can choose what is comfortable for them.

Don’t directly ask for money.

Don’t start registering until you’ve taken stock of what you already have.

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Don’t have house stuff yet?

Connect with the patriarchs and matriarchs of the family to ask their advice on have-to-have items.

Double check with family members to see if there is anything they plan to give you from their own collection that you should not register for.  (Like china, for example.)

Utilize resources such as TheKnot for their checklist and Martha Stewart Weddings for her advice.

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Already have house stuff?

Do you already have everything you need in your house?

Start by discussing what your short term and long term goals together:

Are you “traverlers”?  Travel vouchers!  Luggage!  Scratch-off maps!  How about a world subscription box to learn more about where you want to go?

Are you “out-doorsy”?  Maybe you register at an outfitter store, allow guests to contribute a certain amount towards a large-ticket item, like a tent.

Are you “foodies”?  Let your guests know!  Ask for food subscriptions, gift cards to restaurants, vouchers for cooking classes, subscriptions to wine clubs.

Are you “artsy”?  Guide your guests to gift you vouchers for the orchestra and the art museum.  Pick out your favorite piece of artwork together and let your guests gift towards it.  Maybe they can gift you classes to learn a new language, or to take creative writing classes.

*Another great idea: perhaps you would like your guests to make donations towards charities that are near and dear to you.

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Do it together.

Don’t put the list of where you’ve registered on the invitation itself.  It should go on a separate piece/page.

It’s okay to check your registry to see what people have gotten you before your wedding day.  This way, you can go ahead and write your thank-you cards.

Do allow guests to ship the items right to you from the registry- it saves your guests a lot of work.

Don’t feel bad about returning things.  It’s okay to change your mind.

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