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Behind the Scenes of a Greysolon Wedding!

By now, you’ve probably caught wind of the fact- or even experienced for yourself- that at Greysolon Ballroom by Black Woods, our goal is for you to enjoy your wedding day and not have to think about what’s going on behind the scenes.


Still… don’t you kinda want to know what’s going on behind the scenes?!


We’ve put together some sneak-peeks from each step of the way to show you just how your Wedding Day comes together at Greysolon Ballroom.


REACH OUT: We are so excited to help you!  Here are some things we’ll be asking:  How many guests are you estimating?  What date/s are you considering?

*Here’s how you can reach out!

                Through our Website:

Call us:  218.722.7466

                Email us:

PROPOSAL: Our Sales Director loves to get to know your unique story and celebrates with you that you’ve found each other.  She’s also innovative in helping you to find the date that works best for you and your families.  Then, she builds you a proposal.  With that, you can see what your day will look like on paper, share this with your friends and family, sleep with it under your pillow, maybe even frame it!

*Keep asking questions, we’re here to help!

We want you to feel confident in your decision together.

SAY YES:  Once you officially say “yes” to us, you’ll pay your deposit, sign your contract and become an official Greysolon couple!

DETAILS:  After this, our Sales & Events Directors will be available to answer your questions about timeline, food selections, bar details, and setup elements while you are booking your vendors, deciding your menu, and sending your invites!








*Our Sales & Events Directors then meet with our Operations & Culinary Teams to make sure the details are looking good from all angles.  From this, each team will order any food and supplies necessary, as well as create the staff & kitchen schedules.

                KITCHEN: Our Chef takes your details and does a lot with them.  Not only is he making sure to have the right amounts of the correct items, but he’s also scheduling the staff and figuring the flow- he balances many goals, such as having the food prepared at the right time, as well as being hot, fresh, and delicious!


SCHEDULING: Based on the details of your event, our operations team will schedule staff to execute your beautiful event!  This includes:


These are the muscles that comes in after the event to break down, clean, and set up all over again.  They are night owls, and make magic happen while other people are dreaming about their wedding…They are also the ones behind each version of this iconic shot:

Photo by Al & Lyndsey


Set Staff & Servers

They. Do. Everything.  Set staff & servers are the ones polishing the forks, adding the rosette of butter to your place setting, transitioning the room from ceremony to reception, and serving your dinner.  They walk as fast as we can without running, and are always on the lookout to assist you before you know you need assistance.  As the evening continues, you might even catch them bust a little move to your dance music…


Photo by Mad Chicken Studio

Bartenders & Cocktailers

Earlier in the week they take liquor inventory and compare it with the bar details for your wedding day.  Not only are they making sure we have the right amounts of the right product, but also that the workspace is clean and organized for fast service.  And they love to tell jokes that begin with someone/something walking into a bar…



Our event managers look very professional in their blazers, but did you know that they are wearing a superhuman unitard underneath?!  That’s because they are literally watching over everything.

They are watching to make sure the room is set correctly, the staff is directed appropriately, and that the task-list for all of the staff covers all of your event details.  They are one-more-time-making-sure that the correct kegs of beer are here for your social hour.  And most importantly, they have their eyes on you

Your opening manager can assist you with a site rehearsal, helping your bridal party to know where to line up and when to walk in for the ceremony.  They’re also checking in to make sure you are ready to go before the ceremony begins, and helping to stall if you decide you need to hit the restroom one last time!

Your opening and closing managers overlap during both your ceremony and dinner- they are there to direct staff while serving plates or to release tables for a buffet and checking in with guests to make sure they have what they need.  The closing manager continues to watch over you and your event while you dance the night away!

*Should you have a day-of coordinator?

If you have many details outside of Black Woods Services you might want to consider having a coordinator, let’s talk about more of the specifics to get a good feel.

We love what we do, and you are the ones who give us reason to do it!  Let us help with your big day!

*Feature Image is by Penny Photographics: