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Unique Ways to Highlight VIP for your Wedding

Every bridal party is unique, and can be an essence of who you are as a couple.

Sometimes there are twenty members, sometimes only two, sometimes none!
In the case of the royal wedding, the bridal party was made up of children.
(Check out our blog about the royal wedding here).

Sometimes there are more on one side than the other.

Sometimes they walk as couples, triples, or even individuals.

Sometimes they are Groomsmaids and sometimes they are Bridesmen.

Sometimes they are Flower Grandmas and sometimes they are Gift Guards.

Age knows no boundaries.

And every role is an honor to hold.


We’ve compiled some thoughts about unique ways to honor & highlight very important people on your Wedding Day…

Station Attendants

Remember those kiddos you nannied for years?  Have them direct the gifts, signing item, and programs.

Photo by Conor Siedow Photography

Best Childhood Buddy

Check out how this Groom involved his best buddy from childhood by having him perform top secret and critical tasks.

Photo by Derek Montgomery Photography

Reader/ Musician

Have someone special to you perform your favorite song or reading during your ceremony.

Photo by Conor Siedow Photography

Toasts or Speeches

Ask someone who is very special to you to give a toast.

Photo by Lauren Baker Photography

Family Participation During the Ceremony

There are many ways to incorporate family, friends, or significant people in your life into the ceremony.  We witnessed a beautiful ceremony at Greysolon Ballroom in which the family members circled around the couple during the ceremony and all gave them away to one another at once.

Image by Kirsten Shelton Photography

Special Dances

Special Dances aren’t just for Father-Daughter and Mother-Son.  You can have any combination you want!  It’s Your Day, Your Way.

Image by Kirsten Shelton Photography

Broach Bouquet

These Brides collected broaches and handkerchiefs from grandmothers, aunts, and other special ladies on both sides to have them represented in their bouquets.

Photo by Sydnee Bickett Photography

Photo by Sydnee Bickett Photography

As well as a family heirloom sewn into the dress!

Photo by Derek Montgomery Photography

Signature Drink

We’ll never forget the wedding where we made a Rhubarb Martini to honor Grandpa RU(ben) and Grandma BARB.

Image by Bailey Aro Photography



Significant Officiant 

You can choose someone special to you as a couple and have them get ordained.

Image by Bailey Aro Photography

You don’t have to choose just one Maid of Honor!

Photo by Al & Lyndsey Photography

Dog- Sitter for the Day

Photo by Derek Montgomery Photography

We’ve also put together do’s and don’ts for some common bridal party roles.

 When you’re a Bridesmaid:

·        DO expect to purchase your own dress & shoes, travel & stay.

·        DON’T forget to also get them couple a gift!

·        DO be there to bounce ideas & give advice during planning,

·        But DON’T make a big deal about every little detail.

·        DO be a team player,

·        and DON’T try to outshine the rest of the party.

·        DO listen to and think about what the bride wants,

·        and DON’T make it about what you want.

·        DO keep things fun,

·        but DON’T forget to look out for the bride (make sure she’s staying hydrated/fed/sunscreened)

·        DO help throw an awesome party,

·        but DON’T forget to let others help.

·        DO be there to help the bride with her dress & veil,

·        but DON’T overstep the Mother of the Bride.

When you’re a Groomsman:

·        DO expect to cover the expenses for your suit/tux purchase/rental, as well as your travel and stay.

·        DON’T forget that you should also get the couple a gift!

·        DO help with the bachelor party, decorating the honeymoon suite & the get-away car.

·        DON’T forget to listen to any laws the Groom lays down about any of those festivities.

·        DO be there to support the Groom with picking out the ring, executing the proposal, planning the Groom’s dinner, etc.

Image by Render Photography