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Cheers to our Summer Weddings!

It’s June. Which means it’s Summer in Duluth!

Which means that people who don’t live in Duluth are trying to get to Duluth to enjoy Duluth as much as Duluthians already know how to do all year round.

In the wedding industry, summer is typically referred to as “wedding season”. But for Greysolon Ballroom, we don’t have a specific wedding season because we don’t have a non-wedding season.

We have weddings every weekend of the year, and sometimes during the week!

There are many things that we love about weddings during each season!  We live it, we breath it, and it NEVER.GETS.OLD.

To us, there is nothing more beautiful than two people committing their love and lives to one another, and we feel truly honored to be a part of that story.

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Having said that………

Now that it’s Summer, let’s talk about Summer Weddings!

By having your summer wedding in Duluth, MN, you are truly gifting your guests with the perfect reason to take a vacation and enjoy all Duluth has to offer.

Especially if you have a Friday wedding! Everyone longs for a reason to take a Friday off, and they can still enjoy their full weekend in vacationland.


Check out to see just all the things you can enjoy in Duluth, as well as events that are happening this summer. If you are doing your wedding invites/rsvp’s online, share this website with your guests! Or, contact Visit Duluth to get booklets and have them in your guests’ hotel rooms.



When Summer rolls around, we see a lot of super fun things happening at Greysolon Ballroom, such as:

Arnie-Palmer Beverage Station,

Edible Flowers,

Kabobs! Fruit kabobs, candy kabobs.  Just all-around kabobs!

Lavender Lemonade,

Yard Games,

String Lights



For even more inspiration, check out our Summer Wedding Pinterest Board at


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Here are some Summer Wedding Planning Tips that we’ve compiled for you:

If you decide to try the outdoor ceremony, absolutely have a backup plan in case of weather.

And at the same time, plan for full sun and heat, and then go the extra mile to keep your guests comfortable- (program fans, icy’s, suncscreen, sunglasses, bug spray…)

Provide some non-alcoholic beverages.

Think about colors & fabrics for your wedding party to keep them cool and looking fly for summer.

Choose a lighter fare.

Consider a “naked cake” so that you don’t need to worry about the frosting getting too warm.

And many more in our previous blog about Summer Weddings!


Check it out here!


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Cheers to our Summer Weddings!