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#DestinationDuluth: how to get your Tropical Beach Wedding in Duluth, MN!

Summer is on all of our minds right now.  And there is a lot to love about the tropical beach wedding.

Just picture the sun on your face and the sand between your toes.



But there are some things about it that can be tricky as well.

Like traveling,

asking your family to travel,

asking your guests to spend money on the traveling,

narrowing down your guest counts,

planning an additional after-party for those who didn’t get to go,



So, how do you get the fun, destination wedding feel but at less cost and with fewer complications?


Oh, you knew it was coming!……..

Destination Duluth!  That’s how.

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Think about it….

Duluth is a fun place to spend time!

We have a giant, beautiful lake that kinda looks like an ocean!

We have lots of beaches, too!

Despite popular belief from other areas of the country that it does not, in reality the sun does shine here and it does get very warm!

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But then there is this phenomenon where although we spend all winter wishing for warmer wether, once it hits 70 we. need. air. conditioning!



So how do we get Destination Duluth, beach wedding, AND indoor air conditioning?


Here’s are just some of our ideas:


Have a popsicle bar.


Iced Tea & Lemonade Stations.


Margherita Signature Drink, anyone?

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Supply sunscreen so that guests can “smell the part”.


Wear your sandals!

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Use string lights,


Have fun colored patio furniture inside.


Turn traditional summer foods turned into appetizers: like watermelon on a stick, mini corn dogs, and so much more!

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Put down turf.


Have flower walls for photo backdrops.

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Have summer yard games that can be played inside.


Add bright greenery, like palms.

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Use colorful, printed table clothes.


Decorate with fresh fruit.


Greysolon by Black Woods


Wear flowers in your hair.


Use different colored flowers as your escort card/meal choice card.


Use bright colors in your dresses, florals, glassware, etc.

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Bring your wheelbarrow or canoe inside to display your gifts/programs/favors/signature drinks/popsicles.

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And of course, have a sparkler send-off!

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There are so many ways to make the day personalized and unique.


We hope your day is as bright and joyful as a bowl full of Starbursts!

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Contact us for your #DestinationDuluth wedding at Greysolon!



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