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Modern Take on Wedding Traditions

Do you ever go back and forth between wanting your wedding to be “different”, and yet wanting to satisfy beautiful wedding traditions?

Let’s talk about new ways to honor old traditions!

Here are some examples:

THE DRESS doesn’t need to be white.  It doesn’t even need to be floor length.  In fact, it doesn’t even need to be a dress!  It can be blue, short, or even a silky romper!

And on the same note, THE TUX doesn’t need to be black, or even a tux, or even a suit!  Make it blue, make it dress pants and suspenders.  What’s more, a dark pair of jeans with a sport coat, or khakis with a flannel- it’s your day, your way!

Penny PhotographicsAnd while you’re at it, the BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES don’t even have to match.  They can be same-color-different-styles, same-style-different-colors, same hue, or completely different!


Beau Petersen Photography

And don’t even get us started on the SHOES!


© Bailey Aro Photography


SOMETHING OLD, NEW, BORROWED, AND BLUE- what does this mean, anyway?  These items represent continuity, optimism, infectious (borrowed) happiness, and purity of love.  Check out some modern ways to incorporate these into your wedding day on our Pinterest Board:


Perhaps rather than a DIAMOND, you might go the route of a sapphire or emerald.  Even a yellow or pink stone can get you that balance between being unique and traditional.


Anna Grinets Photography

Rather than ASKING PERMISSION from the father, these days it’s becoming more common to declare your intent to both parents.  Similarly, it doesn’t need to be just the Father WALKING DOWN THE AISLE, it can be multiple parents, someone other than parents, or even a solo walk.


Siedow Photography

It’s also no longer a rule that one set of parents PAYS.  Now, families sometimes split the bill, or the couple pays on their own.


A FIRST LOOK can allow you to see each other before the wedding, but still keep it special.


Josh Manley Photography


Rather than a UNITY CANDLE, here are some other traditions from around the world to symbolize becoming one: sundial ceremony, wine ceremony, and hand fastening.  You’ll find more ideas on our Pinterest Board, here:


And instead of writing your own VOWS for everyone to hear, it might be your style to EXCHANGE LETTERS in private.


Kristen Barbara Photography

MIXED DESSERTS are a fun way to provide variety for your guests.  Just remember, when people see options, they will probably take multiple- (we know we would…)  So make sure you have plenty!


Lauren Baker Photography


Rather than THROWING RICE, do a SPARKLER SEND-OFF later in the evening.


Kristen Barbara Photography


Instead of a HOSTED BAR, you can just host your favorites, like a SIGNATURE DRINK.



Mad Chicken Studio


And don’t forget, you can even do a different kind of wedding day altogether! Like:

Reception-Styled Ceremony


Brunch Wedding

Sunday-Thursday Weddings,

and, drum roll…………………. ask us about our FULL PLAZA WEDDING!

Cheers to your unique day!

Featured image by Derek Montgomery Photography.