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Counting Your Steps?

In the days of Fitbits and Apple Watches, are you counting your steps?

While most of us are counting up and trying to get more and more, there is something to be said about getting married in an area where it doesn’t take all that much walking to get places.  We thought we’d do a little step counting of our own to let you know just how close we are to so many great things in Downtown Duluth!

Steps from Greysolon to Sheraton: 78



Steps from Greysolon to getting your feet wet in Lake Superior: 745



Steps from Greysolon to Fitgers Complex: 660



Steps from Greysolon to Sydney, Australia: 18,148,000




Penny Photographics


We didn’t include Australia just to be cleaver, we actually have a couple traveling from Australia for their #destinationduluth wedding at Greysolon!  Our Bride from Australia answers the phone at 8:30 in the morning to talk to us at 5:30 in the evening, the day before.  And we can’t wait for her and her fiancé to get here! ( Though we think they are probably flying, not walking. )  #breakthefitbit


And did you know??  We’ve had couples planning their weddings from Florida, New York, California & Alaska!.  Not to mention the couples planning from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada and Cameroon!

There must be something dreamy about this Lake Superior- our Gitchi-Gami , our Great Sea- and there is something dreamy about the Ballroom that overlooks it.


Beau Petersen Photography

Shawna Vine Photography

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Hey ladies, I’m supposed to take 40 more steps this hour, let’s go!………………….

Britt DeZeeuw Photography


Taking a nice stroll for some photo opportunities…

Al & Lyndsey Photography

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Featured Image by Kate Becker Photography