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What are my head table options?


Great Question.  The options are endless!

We typically will see a traditional long table, a harvest table, or a sweetheart table.

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide how many people you’d like to sit there.  With that, we can help you with what will make sense with the rest of your setup details.

The Traditional Long Table

What we love about the Traditional Table– everybody at the guests’ tables gets to see everybody at the head table.

However– those at the head table can only visit with those on either side of themselves.

Yes– you can have reserved tables beyond the head table!

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The Harvest Table

What we love about the Harvest Table– those at the head table can see each other and visit more interactively.

However– the wedding party has their backs to about half of the guests.

Yes– you can have the significant others sit at the head table if you’d like, let’s just talk about the size and how it will fit.

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The Sweetheart Table

What we love about the Sweetheart Table– its easier to get up and down, and to move around without feeling stuck.  The two of you have a nice, intimate feel, and your bridal party can sit with their families.

However– you might be pressured to get up for different reasons instead of enjoying your meal, and you’ll have a harder time conversing with your bridal party.

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There are many more options- let’s talk!

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