Comfort & Joy

Winters Glisten in Duluth

Picture yourself here: The fresh Lake Superior breeze whisks across your smile, you take a deep breath while your toes dip in the cool water and the two of you skip rocks while your hearts skip a beat together in our romantic outdoor city.

To Have and to Hold…


Perhaps not only the most wonderful time but the most truly beautiful time of the year. A Minnesota winter has a reputation but have you ever sat back for a brief moment and watched its true beauty? Our winters are a treasure – every unique snowflake, every quiet night and every glistening sunset over a white covered shore. A winter wedding is magical! Capture the warmth of your love in the most exquisite setting, a true Duluth embrace throughout the winter months.

From cozy shawls wrapped up so tight to hot cocoa stations decorated just right, let Duluth embrace you and your guests with its cozy snow-covered surroundings. Nestle up to the thought of just how beautiful these winter months can be and you’ll see!

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