Greysolon History

“Things do not happen, things are made to happen”

John F. Kennedy

Hotel Duluth


Built in 1925, Hotel Duluth was built as the largest hotel in the northwest. It was called “Metropolitan” or a “bit of New York in the northwest” for its grand architecture and design. With 500 rooms and fourteen stories, Hotel Duluth was the first luxury hotel of its kind.

The show-stopping Hotel Lobby and Mezzanine floor greet every guest with their aw-struck beauty. From hand-painted gold leaf ceilings, mahogany finished woodwork and marble floors, Greysolon’s historical architecture is breathtaking. Just off the Hotel Lobby is the Spanish-Style Moorish Room with intricate paintings, mosaic tiles and brass lighting. The Moorish Room served as Hotel Duluth’s dining room for patrons. On the third level is the elegant and unforgettable Ballroom. With hand-painted ceilings, magnificent chandeliers and star-worthy comfort, Greysolon Ballroom is a one-of-a-kind historic architectural masterpiece.

Many celebrities have stayed at Hotel Duluth since 1925 including Hendy Fonda, Harry Jones, Charles Boyer and the Crown Prince of Norway. President Kennedy and his entourage stayed on the 14th floor while in Duluth, just two months before his assassination.

Today, Greysolon Plaza continues to be restored to its original splendor. Renovations have been completed throughout the Ballroom, Moorish Room and Hotel Lobby by the building owners, Sherman & Associates. Within the next few years Greysolon will connect to the entire downtown area via skywalk and join the upcoming renovated NorShore Theatre.

Not Just Duluth's Greatest Ballroom

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