21 Sep Planning a Fall Wedding!

So you’re planning a fall wedding.  Lucky You!

Seriously, everyone at one point in their life has their mind set on a fall wedding.

Not all Fall Weddings are the same, so check out some of our favorite themes and ideas!



DECORATIONS:  Pumpkins, gourds, mums, wheat stalks, apples, blankets, overalls!  Use these for your table accents and centerpieces.

Did you know that you can use artichoke in floral arrangements?

Oooo, what about a flannel table linen!

*Not into all the colors?  Paint your pumpkins white & gold- you get the theme without losing the chic!

FOOD & BEVERAGE: Root vegetables, like parsnips & rutabagas for your vegetables;

add pumpkin spice to your coffee;

have a chai tea station;

pumpkin seeds for salty bar snacks;

host a keg of hard cider for a real treat!




DECORATIONS:  Well, there really are so many things to consider!  We have seen some awesome Halloween weddings here, from Phantom of the Opera to 1920’s Murder Mystery, the options are endless!

FOOD & BEVERAGE:  Did you know you can rename your signature drink?  You could host Black Water Lounge’s “June in January” (above) and call it “Witches Brew”.  Easy!

*Theme within a theme…. Don’t forget that you can go October Fest for Halloween, and this is a great time to get your guests to dress the part!  Think kielbasa & cheese skewers and a pretzel bar with beer cheese dip- yum!



DECORATIONS: Use rounds of wood for your centerpiece base, go foraging for pinecones, wheat stalks, cattails, and fall berries.

In case you’re wondering, tying a cute flannel over your dress is a real thing.

And if you were wondering which theme you can use leaves with, the answer is all of them- but this one specifically!

Make sure you get a picture with all those cute boots!

FOOD & BEVERAGE:  Do a roasted mushroom appetizer during social hour;

Have a build-your-own hot apple cider bar;

And don’t forget about maple- Give away maple syrup favors, throw maple-bacon into your roasted brussel sprouts, and while you’re at it, have a maple-flavored dessert.

Send your guests home with favors to make a campfire s’more.


It’s all about the stations!


DECORATIONS: Apples everywhere;

Old books for centerpieces;

Chalk boards for table numbers;

What about putting bells on the tables for your guests to ring to get you two to kiss?!

FOOD & BEVERAGE: How about a picnic lunch feel with your favorite vintage lunch boxes?

Wrapped sandwiches and juice pouches- so fun!


Here are some colors you’ll definitely want to check out when planning your Fall Wedding:


            Potter’s Clay!



                               Honey Gold!

            Spiced Pumpkin!


And don’t forget to check our our “Fall Wedding” Pinterest Board, here!




Cheers to our Fall Weddings, and Happy Boot Season!

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