Mothers & Sons…. This one’s for you!

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW! The most requested night of the year - Greysolon Ballroom's Mother Son Dinner Dance! This special night is just for a mom and her son to enjoy. Have a blast taking photo booth pictures together, laughing & singing, stealing sweets and...

Father & Daughters… This one’s for you!

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW! An unforgettable night for just a girl and her dad! Enjoy a night filled with dancing, laughing, singing, sweets and savories. Just $25 per person for dinner, endless desserts and surprises, photo booth fun and dancing all night long. Our guests...

You’re Not Too Small For A Big Company Party

Company holiday parties can be a huge morale booster and a way to celebrate in a less formal setting than the office. But for many small companies, planning and running a good holiday party is a daunting and expensive task. So we decided to help...

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Pink, Glitter & Hockey, Too!

When it comes to customizing your day to your personality, Jack & Maralee, did this just right! From the glitz and the glam of the gorgeous bride to the career and passion of the professional groom these two placed their personality and style in every...

Zenith Social Conference 2015

The #Zenith2015 was a national trending conference for the second year in a row! Speakers came from all over the nation to attend and participate in this one-of-a-kind social media conference held in our destination city. We are so honored to have this conference with...